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Squid Ink Pansotti with “Baccala” Salted Cod – Vincenzo Gatti

Squid Ink Pansotti with “Baccala” Salted Cod

Romanesco Cream, Oregano, Gaeta Olives, Semi Dried Tomato

For Squid Ink Pansotti


Squid Ink                                                      5 Gr

Semolina Flour                                                200 Gr

Egg Yolk                                                                    6-8 Pcs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil                           5 Cl

Salted Cod                                                  200 Gr

Taggiasca Olives                                    20 Gr

Semi Dried Tomato                    20 Gr

Salt                                                                         10 Gr

Pepper                                                                   5 Gr


For Romanesco Cream


Romanesco Broccoli                   500 Gr

Extra Virgin Olive Oil   5 Cl

Salt                                                                         10 Gr


For Garnish


Semi Dried Tomato                    80 Gr

Taggiasca Olives                                    80 Gr

Oregano Leaves                                     10 Gr


Preparation / Presentation


Place semolina on a wooden board or in a bowl. Make a well in the center and add the cracked egg yolks and squid ink into it.

Mix together with salt and olive oil until eggs are absorbed. Then flour each hand and begin to knead until obtaining a smooth, silky and elastic dough. Cover with cling film and keep it resting for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.

Using a pasta machine form black pasta sheets 1 mm thick and Cut into 6 cm squares.

Keep salted cod soaking for 3 days, changing the water regularly, to remove all excess salt.

Remove all bones and skin, then sauté with the rest of ingredients and oil.

Blend in a food processor to form the stuffing, then put a tea spoon in the middle of each pasta squares and close to shape.

Cook romanesco in boiling salted water, then drain and blend in a food processor with salt and olive oil, keeping some tips aside for decoration.

Blend until obtaining a smooth consistency.

In the middle of a large plate put romanesco puree, add freshly cooked pasta and garnish with romanesco tips, tomato, olives and oregano.


The perfect wine:

Louis Jadot’s Beaune Premier Cru ‘Clos des Ursules’ is a full, firrm and rich wine with a slightly earthy bouquet. A perfect balance of elegance and power, the long and lush finish works harmoniously with the squid ink Pansotti, salted cod, Romanesco cream, Gaeta olives, semi-dried tomatoes and oregano of Chef Vincenzo Gatti.