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Crab Salad, Tomato Jelly – Guillaume Galliot

30g crab
10g snow bean
1pc oyster
20g cucumber jelly (made out of 1litter of cucumber jus and 6 gelatins)
5g coriander
2g mayonnaise
5g caviar

Method: set up the gelatin in a bowl then mix all ingredient together and put it on top of the jelly.
Finishing with a spoon of caviar


The perfect wine:

The Henri Bourgeois La Bourgeoise has gun-flint aromas and a spicy bouquet that is subtly wooded, rich in fruit and very reminiscent of the Sauvignon flower and grape. Full-bodied and well balanced, the flavours linger harmoniously on the palate, pairing well with the crab salad with tomato jelly, bloody Mary sorbet of Chef Guillaume Galliot.