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Baby Octopus with Green Peas – Alberto Becerril

300      Grs      Baby Octopus

250      Grs      Green Peas

30        Grs      Garlic

20        Mls     Extra Virgin Olive Oil

20        Grs      5j

4          Grs      Table Salt

40        Grs      Wakame

40        Grs      Leek

60        Mls     Corn Oil

40        Grs      Onion

8          Mls     White Wine

20        Grs      Nero di Seppia


“1. Green Peas: peel the green peas, keep the peas in a container and start to cook the skins of the green peas, blanch the skins during 10 seconds, then strain and put in ice water. Once cold put on a tray. Prepare a Garlic-Oil with 20 grs of oil, roast lightly, then cold down and put on the top of the green peas, blend until smooth, strain the green peas soup and reserve on the side.

  1. Baby Octopus: Deep fried the baby octopus then place on a tray with paper to removing the excess oil.
  2. Wakame Sauce: Put the wakame in the Thermomix and blend with little bit of water during 10 minutes max speed 10 until smooth texture and keep in plastic bottle.
  3. Black Ink Sauce: In a pan cook the garlic with the onion and the leek until caramelized, add the white wine and reduce by half, pour 50 ml of water and add inside the Nero di Seppia, cook the preparation during 30 minutes slowly and stir often.
  4. Final Process: chop very finely chopped 2 grs of garlic per person and 5 grs of 5J, first step in a pan with 20 grs of peas with a little bit of water, cook 2 minutes, then add some drops of Olive Oil.

The perfect wine:

Lustau’s Puerto Fino Solera Reserva sherry is elegantly dry. Smooth and fresh, with attractive
 fruit and just a hint of tangy yeast and the sea, 
it is an ideal aperitif, or delicious when paired 
with dishes like Chef Alberto Becerril’s baby octopus with green peas, wakame and 5J, or a
variety of other shellfish dishes.