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Braised Cod with Homemade Chilli – Kent Jin Qiang

Blue cod fish 200g

shallot 15g ,

ginger 15g,

garlic 20g

“Lao gan ma ”chilli sauce 15g

salt 15g

sugar 15g

vinegar 15g

water 80 ml



  1. Cut Blue Cod fish to 40g size cube and then fry until golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towel. 
  2. Add the shallot, ginger and garlic and fry to golden brown then add the Lao gan ma chilli sauce, water ,salt , vinegar and sugar
  3. Put fried Blue Cod into the wok and braise with the sauce , bring to boil and simmer. Reduce the sauce until thick.

The perfect wine:

Anthonij Rupert’s Chenin Blanc is boldly rich, with nuances of ripe peach, apricot blossom and toasted almond. A bouquet of floral honeysuckle is followed by rich apricot and peach on the palate, with lively acidity and some zesty lemon, followed by a lingering aftertaste that matches elegantly with the braised cod with homemade chili and crispy shallot dish of Chef Kent Jin Qiang.