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Braised Rouget, Shellfish Bouillabaisse – Joey Sergentakis

Serves 4



2          pc        rouget – 500 grams each

-clean fish, remove scales

-keep head and tail attached to fish and remove all bones



300      g          langousteins

40        g          crab meat

120      g          mussels


4       Tbs.           extra virgin olive oil

600   g                 onion

410   g                 red pepper

300   g                 fennel

300   g                 celery

5       ea               garlic heads, split

30     g                 orange zest

5       tbsp           fennel seed

5       tbsp           coriander

2       tbsp           black peppercorns

1       K                lobster heads, shellfish shells, rouget bones

150   g                 tomato paste

1       g                 saffron

1       L                 chicken stock

250   ml               pernod

400   ml               white wine

500   g                 tomato

to taste                salt

to taste                cayenne

For the bouillabaisse:

Sweat the onions in extra virgin olive oil. Add the red pepper, fennel, celery, garlic and orange zest and continue to sweat. Add the spices and cook for approximately 2 minutes. Add the lobster heads and roast lightly while crushing the heads with a metal spatula. Add the tomato paste and cook until the oil turns red. Add the saffron, chicken stock, pernod and white wine. Bring to a boil, add the tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes. Blend with large stick blender. Cook for 10 minutes. Strain though a china cap. Next strain through a chinois and adjust seasoning with saffron, pernod, salt, cayenne and sugar.



75       g          chicken stock

pinch              saffron

50       g          cooked potato

10       g          eggyolk

35       g          olive oil

80       g          grapeseed oil

7          g          lemon juice

salt pepper




4       ea               baguette, sliced approximately 1/8 in on a bias

olive oil

to taste – flour de sel

For the crouton:

Grill the baguette . Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt.

Saffron Potatoes:

20     g                Potatoes, dice

1       clove          Garlic

1       sprig           Thyme

100   ml               Chicken stock

pinch                    Saffron

-combine all ingredients and poach until tender.




2       g                 shallots, chopped

20     g                 butter

10     g                 tomato, dice

10     g                 baby fennel, rondelles blanched

10     g                 Saffron potatoes

10     g                 leek, diced and blanched

10     g                 celery, blanched

5       g                 zucchini, green, dice

5       g                 zucchini, yellow, dice

2       g                 parsley, chiffonade

2       g                 tarragon, chopped

6       Tbs            olive oil

– sweat garic and shallots in olive oil with butter.

-add zucchini and cook until tender

-add remaining ingredients and season


To Plate:

-heat boulibasse in large over casserole

-add seafood and baste the rouget with the broth until cooked

-top the fish with vegetables

-add tarragon


The perfect wine:

Louis Jadot’s Chassgane Montrachet traditional vinification in oak casks brings forth the rich, plump fruit and full body of the wine. Showing a vigorous and aromatic bouquet, with persistent earthy finish, it is the perfect partner for the braised rouget with langoustines, mussels and shellfish bouillabaisse of Chef Joey Sergentakis.