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Celeriac Soup, Mushroom Cream – Guillaume Galliot

50g celeriac
20g chicken stock
20g liquid cream
30g Button mushroom
30g parmesan
1 spoon argan oil

Method: Cook the celeriac with chicken stock and liquid cream until become fully cooked. Blind and strain. Keep hot.
Make a button mushroom puree by cooking them and add 10g butter at the end when mix.
Finishing with parmesan emulsion on top of the soup


The perfect wine:

Dry with dark chocolate overtones, the Lustau Palo Cortado Peninsula sherry is dark in colour with amber shades. It combines Amontillados on the nose and the body of Olorosos on the palate, standing tall alongside the flavours of Chef Guillaume Galliot’s celeriac soup with mushroom cream and Tasmanian truffles.