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Chicken with Sage – Alberto Becerril

1000    Grs      Chicken Breast

60        Grs      Butter

20        Grs      Table Salt

20        Grs      Thyme

20        Grs      Rosemary

400      ml       Chicken Stock

200      Grs      Brussels sprouts

5          grs       Nori Seaweed

20        Gr        Egg Yolk Pasteurized

60        ml       Corn Oil

8          Grs      Sugar

4          ml       Sherry Vinegar

20        Grs      Red Seaweed

20        Grs      Green Seaweed

40        grs       Sage

100      grs       Sweet Potato

80        ml       Cream

20        grs       Parsley


“1. Chicken Sous-Vide: 1 chicken breast for person, clean properly the breast and then put in a vacuum bag with 5 grs of thyme, 5 grs of rosemary, 10 grs of butter and 2 grs of salt, seal the bag and we cook in sous-vide during 1hour and minutes /61 degrees.

  1. Brussels Sprouts: take the nice leaves of the sprouts blanch 5 seconds then reserve in ice water until cold; place them in in a container
  2. Sage sauce- boil the leaves of sage and parsley for 5 seconds, then put the herbs in the Thermomix with the butter and cream and sweet potatoes(180degrees,5minutesThen blend 10 mins max speed 10, strain and we keep in vacuum bag
  3. Nori Seaweed Sauce – In the Thermomix put the egg yolk pasteurized and start to whip in speed 4, after 3 minutes add very slowly the corn, check that the sauce start to emulsify then add the Nori Seaweed, with little bit of salt, keep pouring the corn oil until the texture of the sauce is firm. Keep cold
  4. Fresh Seaweeds- pick small parts of the fresh seaweeds (Green and Red). *
  5. Chicken Glace –reduce the Chicken Stock until glace consistency; use it to paint the breast with a brush.

Final Process: Reheat the Chicken Breast to 74 degrees and brush with the sauce on both sides, then remove all the side for make 2 nice pieces, Pour the sage sauce with the different size ring on the plate, 6 Brussels sprouts with 6 drops of Nori Seaweed sauce in the base and inside, and finish with the fresh seaweeds inside.


The perfect wine:

The Cakebread Napa Valley Chardonnay boasts fresh and fragrant aromas of apple, melon and pear, with a hint of oak spice. Its flavours of yellow apple, nectarine and honeydew melon segue into a long finish, pairing well with Chef Alberto Becerril’s chicken with sage, Brussels sprouts and nori seaweed.