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Daikon Noodles with Prawns – Alberto Becerril

100      Grs      Avocado

15        Grs      Shallots

10        Mls     Coconut Milk

20        Grs      Coconut Powder

10        Grs      Peanuts

30        mls     Yoghurt

80        Grs      Papaya

200      Grs      White Daikon Radish

50        Grs      Lime

100      Grs      Prawns Meat: IQF Frozen (16/20)

5          Mls     Fish Sauce

4          Grs      Red Chili

5          Grs      Table Salt


  1. Daikon Noodles: Peel the daikon and cut little bit for both sides; use the slicer machine to slice the radish and after with a sharp knife cut like noodles then put in ice water.
  2. Coconut Crumble: Mix the Coconut Powder with the Coconut Milk with a spoon until Crumble Texture.
  3. Cut the Papaya in small cubes of 1x1cm.
  4. Mix the Yoghurt (30 grs) with the Papaya (60 gr) in the Thermomix, strain and keep the sauce in a plastic bottle.
  5. Avocado sauce: In a bowl put the juice of 2 limes, then add the Avocado and the shallot very finely chopped, crush the avocado with a fork until make the cream, keep in whipping bag.
  6. Roast the peanuts in a pan until golden colour
  7. Pan fried the shrimps with little bit of fish sauce and lime juice, reserve on paper to remove the excess of oil.
  8. Final Process: In the base of the plate we put the Coconut Crumble, after the Avocado cream and 7 drops of Papaya-Yoghurt, then the Papaya small cubes, the peanuts, the prawns and around it we put nice the noodles. In the middle finish with a mango ice cream quenelle with one slice of red chili and little bit of sea salt.

The perfect wine:

With a beautiful bright colour and fruity nose together with harmonious notes of citrus and exotic fruit, the Château D’Aussières Aussières Blanc begins with an attack on the senses followed rapidly by freshness. The finish is balanced and drinks elegantly with the daikon noodles with prawns, papaya and avocado of Chef Alberto Becerril.