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Deep-fried Chicken Claw Cartilage – Li Tok Fan

200g Chicken cartilage

80g Canned crispy chili

10g   Custard powder

10g   Creamy peanut butter

20ml Maggi tasty juice

50g   Black sesame paste

25g   Raw powder

150 ml Oil



(1)Marinated chicken cartilage after add custard powder、raw powder.

(2)Deep-fried chicken cartilage until it color change to golden yellow.

(3)Pour oil into pan, and then put into canned crispy chili 、chicken cartilage.

(4)At last, put into Maggi tasty juice and black sesame paste.


The perfect wine:

Very fresh and fruity with pear, banana, peach, anise and honey notes, the Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio pairs with the deep-fried chicken claw cartilage dish of Chef Li Tok Fan, finishing rich, full, round and persistent.