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Double-boiled fish maw soup with sea whelk – Justin Tan

American Sea Whelk      150g

Chicken Meat                      100g

Lean Meat                             50g

Pork Rib                                   50g

Pre-soaked Fish Maw     50g

Ginger                                       20g

Chinese rice wine             5g

Salt                                             2g


Cooking method

Slice the sea whelk. Poach the sliced sea whelk in a large pot of boiling water with ginger. Blanch the chicken meat, lean meat and pork rib in hot water, rinse with cold water. Place all ingredients in a double boiler. Add Chinese rice wine.

Pour mineral water into the double boiler. Season with salt. Steam for 6 hours.

Add pre-soaked fish maw, and then continue to double boil for a further 10 minutes.


The perfect wine:

Intense apricot, white peach and ginger spice, layer the palate in the Yalumba The Virgilius Viogner. With mineral notes, it is unctuous and complex, the perfect wine to enjoy with the double-boiled fish maw, with sea whelk soup of Chef Justin Tan.