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Fried scallops and porcini with XO sauce – Li Dong

Scallop 6 pc,

Porcini 75g,

Coriander 50g,

Parsley 15g


Homemade XO sauce 15g,

Sugar 5g,

Chopped garlic 10g,

Chopped shallot 10g,

Oyster sauce 15g,

Red pepper and yellow pepper 20g for each,



Sesame oil,

Egg white and corn flour (appropriate amount)


Marinate the scallop for 15 minutes with salt, pepper, sesame oil, egg white and corn flour. Pan-fry the porcini slices with a little oil, the sear both sides of marinated scallop until golden. Remove the scallop and porcini. Add the chopped garlic first, then XO sauce, red pepper, yellow pepper, oyster sauce, parsley, scallop, sugar and cook quickly. Add the coriander, porcini and scallop and serve.


The perfect wine:

Guigal’s Condrieu La Doriane is an intensely powerful, brilliantly clear wine with white flowers, apricot and peaches on the nose. Fully expressive of the terroir, it is rich and full-bodied with fleshy fruitiness and light acidity. It is a perfect foil for Chef Li Dong’s fried scallops with porcini and XO sauce.