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Hawaiian White Tuna & Japanese Big-Eye Tuna – Joey Sergentakis

Yield 4 portion


300          g               Hawaiian white tuna – escolar

300          g               Japanese Big Eye Tuna



– set immersion circulator to 45c

-trim fish into 70 gram pc

-season with salt, pepper & olive oil

-wrap tightly in plastic wrap to make roulade



to make bagna cauda:


Anchovy mixture:

7                g               olive oil

160          g               butter

20             g               shallots

20             g               confit garlic

10             g               anchovy

75             g               fish stock or clam juice

12              g               white wine

-cook shallots in olive oil until translucent

-add remaining ingredient’s and simmer five minutes


to finish

85            g               egg yolk

5               g               salt

280          g               anchovy mixture

-blend all ingredients and pass through chinoise

-cook sous vide 5 minutes at 90c

-place in siphon and charge with 2 no2 cartridges



20             g               olive oil

10             g               Eggplant dice

10             g               onion dice

10             g               red pepper dice

1                g               garlic, chopped

10             g               celery, dice

5               g               green olives, chopped

5               g               black olives, chopped

5               g               golden raison

2                g               honey

1                g               white balsamic vinegar

1                g               anchovies, chopped

1                g               parsley

2                g               pine nuts

-in sauté pan cook eggplant, onion, red pepper & celery separately in olive oil

-in large rondo sweat garlic in olive oil then add all of the cooked vegetables together

-fold in the remaining ingredients

-season and reserve


Black olive oil:

500         g               Black Kalamata Olives

500         g               grapeseed oil

– dehydrated @ 45c for 24 hours until very hard

-combine with grape seed oil and blend until fine paste


Pickled Vegetables


10         g          carrot, blanch

10         g          fennel, blanch

5          g          onion, blanch

15         g          red bell peppers


2          cloves   garlic, minced

200       ml        white wine vinegar

1          ea        sachet:

2 pc thyme

4 g black peppercorn

1 g cumin

2 g coriander seed

1 pc bay leaf

325       ml        white wine

1          pinch    Safron

100       ml        honey

5          g          cilantro julienne



Blanch all the vegetable separately, except sauté the peppers, in salted water till al dente. Cool and hold on the side.

In a rondo sweat the garlic, no color, deglaze with the White wine vinegar and add the sachet. When it is au sec add the white wine, saffron, honey and spice dust, simmer till completely mixed and sachet has imparted the flavor. Check the balance of the mix, it should be a nice pickling balance not to acidic

Add in the vegetables and let cool.

Add the capers.

Per order add cilantro



To finish:

-place tuna in immersion circulator and cook for 20 minutes

-remove from plactic, slice into three pieces and season with flour de sel, lime juice, lemon zest, lime zest , espelette chili powder and chopped chives.



black olive musto oil

micro basil


The Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc shows finesse and restraint. With subtle flavours of lime, lychee and jasmine flower, supported by fine minerality and flinty notes, it matches the Hawaiian white tuna & Japanese Big-Eye tuna, eggplant caponata, bagna cauda of Chef Joey Sergentakis, with mouth following nose in balance, opulence and lengthy palate.