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The Langham Combination – Justin Tan


South African Abalone                    1 piece

Sliced Jelly Fish                                 25g

Roasted Suckling Pig                         1 piece

Bean Curd                                                1 piece

Diced Apple                                             40g

Green Bean                                             20g

Parsley leaf                                             Some

Caviar                                                        5g


Sesame Oil

Aged Vinegar


Chicken Powder

Cooking method

Put the whole piece of South African abalone into steamer and steam for 4 hours. Leave the abalone till it naturally cools down. Then slice it into 3 pieces. Mix the jelly fish with sesame oil, salt and chicken powder.

Deep fry bean curd till it is crispy.

Mix diced apple with mayonnaise. In a medium bowl, whisk aged vinegar, salt and chicken powder. Stir in the green bean, and then leave for 3 minutes.

Place the marinated jelly fish on to the left corner of the plate, top with sliced abalone. Arrange the diced apple in the middle of the plate, and then add crispy bean curd. Place the sliced suckling pig over the bean curd. Garnish with caviar on top. Put the marinated green bean on the other side, then garnish with parsley leaf.


The perfect wine:

Freshly cut flowers, violets, mint and liquorice all jump from the glass in the Shafer Relentless; a wine of gorgeous aromatic intensity, considerable energy and freshness, that complements the concentrated flavours of Chef Justin Tan’s Langham Combination.