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Pan-seared Hokkaido King Scallop – Jeremy Harris

King Scallop in Shell                         4 Scallops, In Shell

Boston Lobster                                             2 Lobsters

Butter  (for poaching)                                    1 kg

Sea Salt                                                         10 Grams

Paprika                                                           5 Grams

Dill                                                                   5 Grams

Chardonnay                                                   20 mL

Fennel                                                            200 Grams

Cream                                                            500 mL

Garlic                                                               20 Grams, smashed

Green Asparagus                                         30 Grams

Beet Root                                                      1 Roasted and pureed

Lecithin Powder                                             5 Grams

Milk                                                                 150 mL

Salmon Roe                                                  20 Grams



  1. To prepare the fennel mousse cut the fennel into smaller pieces and boil in cream with the garlic until very soft. Then puree the fennel with some of the cream until a consistent puree is achieved. Then strain this puree through a sieve to make smooth.
  2. Pre prepare the lobster and scallop as follows: Kill the lobsters by cutting the lobsters length wise and then remove the tail meat from the shell. The claws keep in the shell because they are easier to remove after cooking. The scallops must be cleaned and remove the side muscle from the scallop meat.
  3. Prepare the poaching butter for the lobster by slowly melting the butter in a pan. The temperature of the butter should never exceed 60 degrees. Then poach the claws first because they take longer. Claws will need to poach for approximately 25 minutes. The tails (out of shell) will take approximately 8 minutes to cook. Timing the cooking of both the tail and the claws is critical. Once cooked reserve for the plating and remove the claw meat from the shell.
  4. To prepare the beet root bubbles bring the milk to a boil with the roasted beetroot puree. Add some lecithin powder, which is a food safe food stabilizer into the milk. It should be pinkish red in color. Then puree with a hand blender and excessive red bubbles will form.
  5. Sear the scallop by removing it from the shell and sear in a hot sauté pan with olive oil. This cooks very quickly. After one side is seared turn over and finish with some butter. Serve the poached lobster in the scallop shell with some steamed asparagus, the fennel mousse, and some of the beet root bubbles. I garnish this dish with salmon roe.

The perfect wine:

With concentrated and vibrant aromas, highlighted with lime curd, juicy pear and lemon, Leeuwin Estate’s Art Series Chardonnay weaves savoury almonds and sweet spice into a perfect pairing with the pan-seared Hokkaido king scallop and butter-poached lobster dish of Chef Jeremy Harris.