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Pork Tenderloin in Jamon – Paul Dodd

Ingredients :

1kg pork tenderloin, trimmed

200g Jamon, sliced

1 head Black garlic

Peanut oil


1 corn cob, steamed

20ml cream

20g butter


Veg oil

30g butter

Sprig of thyme, rosemary

Mixed herbs (dill, chervil, chives)

Herb oil

Piement espellete


Method :

Wrap pork in jamon and roll up in cling film to form a smooth tight cylinder. Cook pork in water bath at 68c for 90mins. Rest slightly

Peel garlic. Reserve 4 nice pieces and pass the rest through a sieve and combine with a little peanut oil and water to make a smooth puree. Ensure corn is well cooked. Trim kernel from cob and Place in plastic bag and fill with smoke from smoking gun. Close bag keep 20-30 mins. Blend corn in blender until smooth, adding a little cream to smooth out. Pass corn puree through fine strainer. Transfer to sauce pan, heat gently, adding the butter and a little more cream if necessary. Adjust seasoning. Remove pork from clingfilm, pat dry with paper towls. Heat non stick fry pan with a little veg oil and gently fry pork on all sides until browned, finish with butter, thyme and rosemary. Rest a few minutes in a warm place. Then slice into 8 even pieces.

To plate; warm corn puree and spread onto plate. Place 2 piece of pork on top, 1 piece of black garlic. Using a cookie cutter dip into the garlic puree and make a few small circles. Scatter a few herbs onto the plate, drizzle a few drops of herb oil and a sprinkle of the espelette.


The perfect wine:

Clean, very powerful and complex on the nose with good alcoholic backbone amid the sweet aromas of dried prunes and raisins, the Costasera Amarone Classico matches perfectly with the pork tenderloin in Jamon, smoked corn puree, and black garlic of Chef Paul Dodd, finishing with hints of cocoa and cinnamon.