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Recipes, Winter

Salt Block Ortoro Tuna and Salmon – Paul Dodd

4 himalayan salt blocks (20cmx20cm)

350g Otoro tuna block (4x2cm)

350g salmon block (4x2cm)

Yuzu caviar


Micro shiso, picked

Pea shoots, picked

Assorted flowers

¼ Fresh lemon

  • Slice tuna into 24 pieces
  • Slice salmon into 24 pieces
  • Arrange alternative piece on the salt block in a chequerboard style.
  • Scatter caviar and yuzu caviar on top
  • Arrange shiso, pea shoots and flowers on top
  • Wait 2-5 minutes for the salt block to season the fish
  • Finish with a squeeze of lemon and serve immediately

With gold-tinted greenish hues, Norton’s well-balanced Finca La Colonia Torrontes is pleasant, with the intense aromas of white peach, rose petals and jasmine on the nose, matching elegantly with Chef Paul Dodd’s appetizer of salt block Otoro tuna and salmon, yuzu caviar and shiso.