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Sichuan-style chicken with dried chili – Kent Jin Qiang

Diced chicken



slice garlic 80g

“er jin tiao” red chilli 5piece { Cut }

fried peanut 16piece

macadamia nut 6piece

light soy sauce15g

dark soy sauce 20g

chicken powder 5g

sugar 15g

salt 5g



  1. Heat up the oil in the wok and sir-fried diced chicken  
  2. add in the red chilli and paprika power   
  3. stir fried shallot ,ginger ,slice garlic anf the rest of the ingredient , add in a bit of corn starch to thicken .
  4. Finish with peanut and macadamia nut , dry chilli with a little vinegar

The Norton Privada is a remarkably intense ruby- coloured red, with complex aromas of ripe fruit and the lightest touch of smoke. Rich on the palate with excellent concentration, its notes of coffee make it an elegant pairing to the Sichuan-style chicken with garlic and ginger dish of Chef Kent Jin Qiang.