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Steamed Egg White topped with Imperial Bird’s Nest and Coral Leopard Grouper – Justin Tan


Coral Leopard Grouper                     600g

Imperial Bird’s Nest                          75g

Egg white                                              6 pieces

Chicken stock                                        300g

Bok Choy                                                2 pieces


Chicken Powder

Corn Starch Water


Cooking Method

Take the grouper meat and slice into pieces. Steam the head and tail for later use.

Add chicken stock to egg white, whisk thoroughly. Season with salt and chicken powder, and then steam well.

Put the bird’s nest into chicken stock, add salt and chicken powder, and steam for 10 minutes. Drain the bird’s nest dry.

Marinate grouper meat with salt for 2 minutes. Add corn starch water and oil.

Poach the grouper in hot oil, cook until medium well. Add salt, chicken powder into chicken stock, and then add corn starch water to thicken the stock. Season the grouper in the chicken stock. Place it over the steamed egg white. Arrange bird’s nest, fish head and fish tail presentably, then garnish with bok choy.


The perfect wine:

Anthonij Rupert’s Chenin Blanc is boldly rich, with nuances of ripe peach, apricot blossom and toasted almond. A bouquet of floral honeysuckle is followed by rich apricot and peach on the palate, with lively acidity and zesty lemon, and a lingering aftertaste that matches elegantly with the steamed egg white topped with Imperial bird’s nest and coral leopard grouper of Chef Justin Tan.