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Stir-fried Cod with Cashews – Li Tok Fan

250g  Cod fish

30g    Dried chili

100ml  Oil

10g    Dried green peppercorns

40g    Drunk peanut

15 g   Egg yellow

10 g   Raw powder

2 g     Salt

5 g     Chicken powder

15 g    Sugar

20ML Balsamic vinegar

5ML   Sesame oil

5ML   Zanthoxylum oil

5ML  Cooking wine



(1)Mix cod fish(cut it into pieces)、egg yellow、raw powder, Deep-fried it until color change to golden yellow.

(2)Homemade sauce(Mixed salt、chicken powder、sugar、Balsamic vinegar、sesame oil、Zanthoxylum oil、Cooking wine in bowl)

(3)Put oil into pan, and then add dried chili、peppercorn, Fried these until smell fragrance after add diced cod fish and homemade sauce. Sprinkle cashew when put the dish on the table.


The perfect wine:

This delicate Joh. Jos. Prüm Kabinett Riesling shows the typical, racy mineral character of the Graacher Himmelreich. With crisp fruit and fine acidity, it is enjoyed chilled, pairing perfectly with Chef Li Tok Fan’s stir-fried cod with dried chili and cashews.