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Recipes, Spring

Stir-fried Prawns – Li Tok Fan

280g   Prawn

50g Pickled Chinese cabbage

150ml   Oil

5 g      Chicken powder

5 g      Onion

5 g      Millet pepper



(1)Poach the marinated prawns until cooked medium-well and the put it into hot oil, then immediately pour into bowl.

(2)Fry the pickled Chinese cabbage and add minced pickled pepper、chopped millet pepper, onion and sauté until fragrant, then add the prawn.

(3)Sprinkle on the chicken powder、sugar、pickled pepper juice after pour it into pan, then serve.

The perfect wine:

Very dark garnet red, with hints of violet, Château D’Aussieres is intensely aromatic and dominated by red fruit and spices. Subtle woody notes lead to the wine quickly becoming full-bodied, while the richness of the Mourvèdre combines with the Syrah and Grenache to bring tannic structure and a long finish to complement Chef Li Tok Fan’s stir-fried prawns with pickled Chinese cabbage and chili.