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Behind The Scenes, Book 3 - Behind The Scenes

To those who made it happen!

The ASC Icons 2017 with Dunhill project has been a collaboration of a number of talented individuals who’ve worked tirelessly to deliver an outstanding result up against a publishing deadline. The ASC teams, throughout the region have provided the production team fantastic support, without which the project would have been considerably more difficult to do. From travel and visa, through to wine notes and arranging this years participants, it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside consummate professionals, and certainly the resultant publication is better for it.

A special thanks, as always, to Rob Temple and his various teams within ASC Fine Wines for the belief in the Icons platform, and of course to all of those who had a hand in delivering it. The photography this year was phenomenal thanks, once again, to the skills of Inga Beckmann and Jonathan Maloney and our brilliant videos, filmed and produced by Alex Barnes of Video Cha-Cha raised the bar. Meaghan Bence was an indispensible help ensuring everything ‘ran on rails’ and, just as they did for the last publication, Rennie Fensham and her team at Hollywood Hair did a brilliant job with the hair and make-up.


Our chefs, to whom I am most grateful for their time, effort and patience, were make to look like fashion models by the incredible team at Dunhill, and certainly they managed to carry it off to great effect.


Finally, to the team at Empire, thanks, as always, for everything.