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Tuna Tartar – Alberto Becerril

240      Grs      Big Eye Tuna

40        Grs      Kimchi Paste

8          Grs      Xantana Base

10        Grs      Soy Sauce

10        Mls     Mirin

20        Mls     Rice Vinegar

120      Grs      Cherries

20        Grs      Lime

8          Grs      Sesame Seed White

8          Grs      Sesame Seed Black


  1. Kimchi Sauce- make a Base with water and Xantana with this proportion 1,6 grs Xantana/160 gr Water. Mix the Kimchi, Xantana Base, Mirim, Soy Sauce and Rice Vinegar in a bowl, then keep aside.
  2. Tuna: 80 grames of Tuna per person, cut in cubes of 1,5×1,5cm,
  3. Final Process: In a bowl mix the Tuna with 20 grames of the kimchi sauce, 2 grs of White Sesame and 2 grs of Black Sesame, grate the zest of one Lime and put in a rectangle mold, cut the cherries in 8 parts each one, one cherry per person with drops of Kimchi Sauce.


The perfect wine:

The Norton Barrel Select Chardonnay has aromas of green apples and tropical fruit, with complexity given by notes of vanilla, coconut and toast. With a light smoked touch, it pairs beautifully with the tuna tartar of Chef Alberto Becerril.