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Recipes, Winter

Wild BC Spot Prawns – Joey Sergentakis


4                pc             Spot prawn


Green Curry paste:

40             g                                 Thai green chili (long size) – or jalapeno

10             g                                 galanga

20             g                                 lemongrass

12              g                                 kaffir lime zest, chopped fine

12              g                                 cilantro roots

5               g                                 red tumeric

32             g                                 shallots sliced

10             g                                 garlic

5               g                                 thai shrimp paste

10             pc                               white peppercorn

.5              g                                 coriander seeds

.2              g                                 cumin seeds

10             g                                 coconut oil

-using a morter and pestil crush all ingredients

-cook in coconut oil until slowly for 10 minutes

-then add:

10             g               chicken stock

5               g               coconut milk

-reduce until thick.

In the end finish with puree for bright green color

1                g               Thai basil and cilantro puree


Thai basil and cilantro puree

-100        g               thai basil

100          g               cilantro

-blanch Thai basil and cilantro seporatly in salted water

-puree and pass through fine mesh sieve.


Butter poaching liquid

250          g               water

0.375      g               xanthan gum

1.25          g               gum Arabic

450          g               butter, diced

50             g               olive oil

2                g               salt


-Put the water in a blender and turn it on low.

-Increase the speed until a vortex forms in the water.

-Sprinkle the xanthan gum and gum arabic into the blender and increase the speed to medium high.

– Blend for 30 seconds to disperse and hydrate the hydrocolloids.

– Pour the thickened water into a pot set over medium high heat. When water comes to a simmer start whisking in the cold butter.

-Whisk the butter in in small amounts until it is fully emulsified.

-Put the hot butter mixture back into the blender and turn the speed on low.

-Increase the speed to medium and pour in the olive oil and the salt.

-Increase the speed to medium high and blend to fully emulsify the mixture.

-Pour the mixture back into a pot or bain marie and keep in a warm spot if using immediately.

-Otherwise cool the mixture down and reheat when ready to use.



8               g               baby corn

6               g               purple Thai eggplant

6               g               green thai eggplant


-grill all vegetables over charcoal


coconut cream:

200          g               coconut milk

-reduce until very thick, just before breaking

-place in squeeze bottle



Rice wafer:

100          g               rice

400          g               water

-cook rice until over cooked and falling apart

-blend it in the blender

-spread on silpat until translucent

-dehydrate at 50c for two hours

-fry in hot oil, 190c



Thai basil and cilantro Puree

Rice wafer

Coconut Cream

Thai Basil


The perfect wine:

Showing very good fruits of black cherries, ripe currants and blueberries in the nose, the Kosta Brown Pinot Noir pairs well with the Wild BC spot prawns and Josper-grilled baby corn dish of Chef Joey Sergentakis, developing rich and complex flavours, with a long seductive finish.