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  • Joey SergentakisSeptember 30th, 2016

    Carrying a brown Boston 24hour Holdall, Chef Joey Sergentakis wears a burgundy cotton & wool double-breasted blazer with brown cotton Gingham shirt, brown wool & cashmere trousers, khaki knit

  • PAUL DODDSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Paul Dodd wears a pair of navy wool and cashmere trousers with a pale blue cotton casual shirt. A camel cashmere double-breasted topcoat and teal scarf complete his winter outfit.

  • LI TOK FANSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Li Tok Fan wears a pair of 5 pocket white denims and a charcoal wool shirt, with an unlined 4 button double-breasted Peak Lapel Jacket and burgundy cotton handkerchief.

  • KENT JIN QIANGSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Kent Jin Qiang wears a Navy Checkers wool and cashmere Belgravia Suit, with pink & white Checkers cotton shirt and burgundy Club Stripe silk tie.

  • Jeremy HarrisSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Jeremy Harris wears a Stone slim-fit chinos with blue & white striped cotton shirt and a dark grey Checkers wool & cashmere single-breasted blazer.

  • JUSTIN TANSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Justin Tan wears a pair of beige Mayfair-fit chinos, a pale blue cotton business shirt and burgundy Club Stripe woven silk tie, and a navy mohair double-breasted blazer.

  • ALBERTO BECERRILSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Alberto Becerril wears a pair of slim-fit Stone chinos with blue denim shirt, teal scarf and a green 4buttoned trench coat.

  • GUILLAUME GALLIOTSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Guillaume Galliot, carrying a large tan Duke zip tote, wears a pair of Links white casual trousers with tapered jet pockets, a brown and green checkers shirt, and a safari jacket.

  • Vincenzo GattiSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Vincenzo Gatti, carrying a black Wolsley Doctor bag, wears a single-breasted Mayfair suit, white cotton business shirt and navy & white graphic check silk tie.

  • ERIC RÄTYSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Eric Räty, carrying a racing green lamb skin blouson, wears a pair of flat-front trousers with belt loops, a long-sleeve button-down collar shirt and teal scarf.

  • LI DONGSeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Li Dong wears a black wool double-breasted dinner jacket with white cotton evening shirt, black wool evening trousers, black silk bow tie and white cotton handkerchief.

  • MUTARO BALDESeptember 30th, 2016

    Chef Mutaro Balde, carrying a brown 24hour Boston Holdall wears a pair of black cotton denim jeans, ivory cashmere crew neck Guernsey, cashmere scarf and burgundy goatskin driving coat.


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